Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fridge-Cleanout Nachos

Snowy, lazy Saturday...and I want nachos.  I've actually wanted nachos for about a week but I've been really good lately about eating right.  And nachos aren't what one would call healthy. 

So I'm feeling snacky and I decide that nachos at home are better for you than ordering nachos at a restaurant, especially in the portion control dept.  I comb the fridge, picking out stuff on hand and start throwing away expired stuff as well. 

Nachos.  I used up a quarter bag of Tostitos Scoops and tossed out a bag of tostitos fragments.  Added minced shallot (from the fridge)  and some pickled pepperoncini slices.  A palmful of shredded cheddar and it's off to the toaster oven.  Afterwards, a couple spoonfuls of jarred mild salsa, topped with chunks of avocado.  Delicious and just the right amount to satisfy the craving.

And on the way I threw out the following:  a jar half-full of spicy chili paste.   Two-year-old maple barbecue sauce.  Kalamata olives.  Homemade pickled jalapeño and onion.  The oldest condiment was a jar of capers, and I have no idea how old they were.  And oops... the olives expired sometime in 2018.  Guess I should wear my glasses when I'm cleaning out the fridge!

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