Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Naturally, There's Cake

Happy New Year!!!  Hubby made this gorgeous, sinful chocolate cake, since we always celebrate NYE with cake.'s so good!

Hope 2015 brings lots of good things.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Sweets

It's not Christmas without cookies we shall have.

So far we have coconut macaroons, oatmeal scotchies and chocolate shortbread.  I made the macaroons last week, I'm surprised that they've lasted this long.  (there's also been brownies and birthday cake in the house so that's probably why)  I spied a bag of butterscotch chips at Walmart last week and they made me nostalgic for the oatmeal scotchies that my mother used to make.  They came out pretty well, too.  Well, two thirds of them came out perfect and the other third were a bit crisp.  The chocolate shortbread was a new recipe from a cookbook that we received from Brian's brother, John and his wife, Patricia.  (They also sent a cookie did they know that I've always wanted one!!!)  I also made dough for snickerdoodles but was overcome by fatigue and back pain to actually bake them.  Rule #1 in baking:  know your damn limitations!  Rule #2 in baking (in my world, anyway) wear something more supportive than slippers, you crazy lady!  Tonight's baking will be playing with the cookie press, in sneakers.  :)

Brought to you by The Letter "F"

No, not that "F"'s words are Freezer, Frittata and Fail.

First the frittata....last night's dinner was from the Epicurious  cookbook that we like so was called "Kitchen Sink Frittata."  In other words....tons of stuff in it.  In anticipation of (hopefully) knocking some things off the Holiday To-Do list, Brian had dinner on the table early.  The kids weren't interested in the slightest so they had leftover pizza.  Sean's got an aversion to pizza lately, but even he had a little and then some yogurt. was delicious.  Not the most filling meal in the world but just have two pieces and you're good to go!  It had tomatoes, basil and potatoes, and plenty of cheese.  Brian said that the recipe had called for bacon but he didn't put it in, given his bacon-cooking woes as of late.  (Smoke, smoke smoke!)  And I now know the difference between a frittata and a quiche....quiche has crust.  And either of them would be delicious at breakfast.

Now for Freezer and Fail.  I've got a lot of friends that have super good luck in freezing things.  There's a lot of pins on Pinterest about freezer meals.  Yet.....I don't have much luck in the freezing department.  Either I forget something is IN the freezer and it gets destroyed over time, or it wasn't meant to be in the first place.  We also seem to have a shortage in plastic containers, but obviously that's an easy fix:  get more containers.  The most recent fail was the other day:  Brian had made bone-in chicken breasts with a corn relish, with mashed potatoes sometime in November.  It was more food than we could eat at one meal and we were heading to Philly in a few days.  I hate to throw food out, so I froze the chicken, relish and potatoes separately.  This week being a busy week (HA!  That's an understatement) I defrosted them.  Only to my dismay....the potatoes were soup and the relish had turned brown.  The chicken was probably fine but I'm throwing it out anyway because I have nothing to go with it.  I want to get better at this, if other people can do it so can I!