Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two Pastas

Last week, neither of us wanted to cook.  But we've been eating out a lot lately and basically Brian forced himself to cook.  Was I so glad....skillet lasagna is incredible!  And it's one of those meals that gets better with the leftovers.  So, so very good!

Later on, we had linguine with shrimp and scallops, with blistered grape tomatoes.  Another fantastic pasta, featuring two of my favorite things!

This is probably the last post from the kitchen at this house, packing up has already commenced.  And there's talk of stopping at BJ's today to get a huge bag of paper plates to cut down on how few dishes we need to do in the next couple of weeks.  See you soon from our new kitchen!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

He Likes It, He Really Likes It!

A few weeks ago, Will spent April Vacation at his afterschool place.  They serve a hot lunch to the kids every day, but you can still bring lunch if you don't like what they're having.

Will is a picky eater.  I'm sure that if you've read this blog, you are not surprised.  Unless it's a dessert, it's difficult to get this kid to try new things.  So whenever he's going to spend a full day at this place, we review the menu together and see if he's going to eat that day's entree or take a soy-nut butter and jelly sandwich.  (Ewww...I know.  But no peanut butter allowed.  I got him to eat this simply by not telling him that it wasn't peanut butter.  By the time he realized he had been eating it for almost a whole summer and just let it go)

One day's meal was American Chop Suey.  He insisted on a sandwich, and the in-house lunch packer (aka Daddy) made his lunch.  That night when he came home, he said "Mom, the lunch today was American Chop Suey.  I tried some.  And I liked it!"  He then asked if we could have it for dinner some night.  So we did, a week later....and he ate a whole plate!

Later on that same weekend, we were in Ikea, looking at furniture.  On the way out, we stopped for a snack.  I got a frozen yogurt cone.  It was vanilla,  Now, Will usually despises ice cream because it's "too cold."  He shocked me by asking if he could try my cone.  And then proceeded to devour most of it!

I'm thrilled, because I love chop suey and that's one more thing we can cook that everyone will eat.  That makes me the happiest of all.  :)

Paprika Chicken

A Brian original:  Paprika Chicken.

Simply chicken breasts with a variety of spices, including (of course) paprika.  We're enjoying paprika lately....especially smoked paprika.  The chicken was done in the oven using a cast iron skillet, and last minute he decided to put the almost-steamed brussels sprouts in there too.  Delicious.